The Grandmas Are Here

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For many of us, our first attempt in this new role of becoming a grandmother is “what is the baby going to call me”. It becomes a race for the youngest sounding title, and we all hope we don’t get stuck with “Grandma”. Regardless of what you end up with. There seems to be no better sound then hearing it from the little ones we love.

I wanted GRANDMA

So many family and friends tried to convince me that I was too young to be called Grandma. They came up with so many ideas. Some were pretty funny. Some were really weird. But Grandma is what I knew I was. I was proud.

Still even today, I love to blurt out “I’m a grandma”. Just to see the different reactions on people’s faces. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t just walk up to random strangers and yell it in their face, haha. Although that could make a funny YouTube video. But I do love to casually sneak it in a conversation when it’s appropriate.

Now the time comes when you are ready to hand them back to their parents. You look in the mirror and your hair is flying in every direction. Toys are scattered all around. More dirty glasses than there are children. It’s exhausting. Geez I miss them and I can’t wait for them to come back tomorrow. Haha.

Now every child and grandma relationship is different. Some children are so well behaved. Some are just wild and crazy. The same goes for grandmas. Some grandmas can be sweet and kind, some grandmas can be all over the place. Some grandmas are neat and tidy and some of us grandmas are, well, we’re just a hot mess.

Now no matter your title or demeanor. We all have our ups and downs. We have our awesome moments, and our fails. But wouldn’t you know it, they still love us. So hold your head up high Grandma’s. Blurt out that amazing title you earned, and share it with the world. Be bold, you’re gold.

What title are you blessed with?

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Tea Time for Two

Are you a grandmother? Or are you about to be? Regardless if you are a new grandma, or been one for many years. Attempting to be the best grandma you can be, can be full of mixed emotions. The purpose of my blog is to have a little bit of fun, with a little bit of serious. From stories to advice. Follow, like, and share attemptinggrandma.blogspot.com and share stories, advice, information, and most of all to have fun doing it. So to all of you attempting Grandma’s, let’s have some fun.

One of my favorite things to do, is to host a tea party. Nothing proper, just very girly and very fun. I create cute invitations. Decorate with lots of pastels and frilly decor. The best part is displaying all the tiny yummy goodies I made from Pinterest. When my guests arrive, they are all wearing their favorite attire. I have lots of big floppy hats for everyone to choose from. Games, conversations, and amazing company. You can’t beat that.

… So I thought!

Over the years, I have spent a lot of time and money at antique stores, thrift shops, garage sales, and resale shops. Collecting unique tea cups, tea pots, and decor. This became a wonderful blessing, because now I get to host the most special tea parties of all time. With my grandbabies.

Now have you ever tried to host a tea party with a six year old girl? You quickly become the guest, hahaha. My granddaughter loves to take over. She even makes the food and treats herself.  My favorite is her Ritz crackers with Nutella, yummy!

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